Accreditation Steering Task Force

The Accreditation Steering Task Force (ASTF) was developed to facilitate the process in writing the 2021 Institutional Self Evaluation Report. Membership consists of the Strategic Planning Committee as well as key leadership from various departments. The ASTF will meet monthly throughout the development of the ISER to monitor progress and ensure a timely completion.

Strategic Planning Committee Members (Fall 2019 – Spring 2021)

  • Vice President of Information and Institutional Effectiveness – Xiaohong Li (Co-Chair)
  • Vice President Student Services – Severo Balason
  • Vice President Instruction – Leslie Minor
  • Vice President Academic Senate – Vicki Jacobi
  • Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator – Joe’ll Chaidez
  • Dean of Student Success – Windy Martinez
  • Academic Senate Representatives – Sharyn Eveland, Amar Abott and Paul Blake
  • Classified Representative – Rafael Andrade
  • Executive Director Fiscal Services – Amanda Bauer
  • Secretary – Brandy Young

Additional Members

  • Superintendent/President - Deb Daniels (Co-Chair)
  • Executive Vice President Administrative Services – Brock McMurray
  • Vice President Human Resources – Heather del Rosario
  • Research and Instruction Librarian – Terri Smith
  • Dean of Instruction and Career Technical Education – Jessica Grimes
  • Director Distance Education –  Marianne Bishop
  • CSEA President – Greg Hawkins
  • Academic Senate Representative – High Tech Center Access Specialist – Amar Abbott
  • Academic Senate President – Sharyn Eveland