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Your financial support drives educational innovation and provides students with enhanced opportunities to advance their education and start a career. Your monetary gift does more than greatly impact the lives of our students. It elevates and enriches families, communities, and companies that are a part of our graduates’ lives.

We are grateful for donations from alumni, business leaders, and community supporters like you. Through generous donations, we are able to keep Taft College accessible to all members of our community for their personal and professional transformation through higher education, career development, and lifelong learning. 

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Donations are made through the Taft College Foundation.

The Taft College Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, works closely with all departments on campus to enhance and expand programs for our students. Many areas of campus rely on additional contributions for the supplies, equipment, or tools needed for learning. These areas are just a few of the programs with the greatest need. Additional contributions can be made to support many other programs and activities on campus. We appreciate the continual support of Taft College, which allows our students to thrive in the highest possible environment.

Your Gift Impact. See What Your Dollars Can Do:

$100: A grant toward textbooks for a new student
$250: Supports tutoring for a STEM student during a semester
$500: Pays for two textbooks for a science or technology student
$750: Supports faculty innovation grants to strengthen student learning
$1,000: Supplies support for an under-served, first-generation college student for unexpected expenses
$2,000: A year’s worth of fees, books, and supplies for a veteran who is a full-time student
$3,000: Provides needed equipment for cutting edge technological instruction
$5,000: Educates a student in the high demand fields of Engineering and Dental Hygiene

Innovation Powering Education


    DONATE NOW – Supporting Student Success – A gift to the TC Fund can positively impact students by providing funding for student club initiatives, cost of living support, meal tickets, book assistance, and other enhancements to supplement or improve student campus life.

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    DONATE NOW – The TC Promise is a college student success program that provides any local student who completes their secondary education from Taft Union High School, Buena Vista High School, or Maricopa High School the opportunity to attend the first year of Taft College free of charge.

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    DONATE NOW – Become a Taft College Foundation Petroleum Partner and join a group of industry leaders and academic professionals to enhance workforce development. Receive special invitations for events including Roundtable Initiatives and the West Kern Petroleum Summit.

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    DONATE NOW – How will you leave your mark? Through The Legacy Society, our planned giving program, YOUR legacy will live on, impacting the best and brightest students in Taft College that will create a strong and healthy workforce in Kern County.

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    DONATE NOW – Each year, students from Taft College are awarded scholarships to further their educational experience. These scholarships can be in memorial, in honor of, program or athletic specific, or for any criteria deemed by the donor of the scholarship.

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    DONATE NOW – Taft College Foundation’s Faculty Innovation Grants program continues to offer grant funding for Taft College faculty and staff. Grants will be awarded to those staff members who propose ideas that enhance the student learning experience and/or increase community awareness of the Taft College mission.

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    DONATE NOW – The Transition to Independent Living (TIL) Program is a post-secondary educational experience for adults having developmental/intellectual disabilities. Funding for this program is sometimes a challenge. Consider donating today for a lasting change.

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    DONATE NOW – In 2016, the Student Resource and Veterans Center was created on the Taft College campus. This center serves students who may need a snack between classes, clothing, hygienic needs, or just a quick place to study or research career opportunities. Donations directly impact our most vulnerable students on campus.

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As a private, non-profit corporation, a Board of Directors governs this Foundation. The principal role of the Board of Directors is to establish policies and provide guidance in achieving its objectives. Board members work closely with the Foundation President, Foundation Executive Director, and other campus leaders to increase private support for endowments to enhance the educational and cultural environment of the College and surrounding community.

Sheri Horn-Bunk, Executive Director, Foundation and Institutional Advancement

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