Supplemental Instruction

This may be the most important support you can access on campus to keep up with assignments, improve your grades, and really stay engaged! Here’s what some of our students have said about the support received.

Why Supplemental Instruction is Important

You may feel your time is too tight for another commitment, but students at Taft College give rave reviews about the results of Supplemental Instruction (SI). They say it is a game-changer, and they are so glad they made time! This is far beyond a usual study group. Year-after-year evidence reveals SI increases students’ grades and supports higher rates of course completion.  

SI provides academic support through facilitated study sessions and may assist in the classroom. SI Assistants (SIAs) lead weekly sessions where students practice and discuss course content and develop study skills with their peers. They are also part of the Learning Center staff located in the library. Students develop cooperative learning techniques that will help them in later courses that do not have SIs.

SI support is initiated at the start of a course through a request by the Professor. You can ask about this exceptional program, if it is not addressed during your first class. 

Meet your SI Assistants

"The Supplemental Instruction Assistant not only explained how to correct content and grammar but also helped me by explaining how to avoid making the mistake, again."

Spring 2023 SI Supported Classes

Class Instructor SIA
Biology 1510.20 Lytle Liz
Ethnic Studies 1510.21 Mendoza Greg
History 2204.40 Altenhofel Greg
History 2231.22  Altenhofel Greg
History 2231.23 Mendoza Liz
History 2232.21 Altenhofel Greg
History 2232.22 Altenhofel Liz
History 2232.40 Altenhofel Greg
History 2232.43 Altenhofel Liz
History 2232.46 Altenhofel Liz
Psychology 2200.20 Eveland Greg
Psychology 2200.21 Eveland Liz
Psychology 2200.22 Oja Greg
Psychology 2200.23 Oja Liz

History of Supplemental Instruction

SI at Taft College uses the nationally recognized program developed at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) to help students succeed in traditionally difficult gateway courses. The Taft College SI program has been modified to meet the needs of Taft College’s student population.

"There is always someone to save the day, and there are some pretty smart students always around to help."

In the SI-facilitated study sessions, students compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying, and test themselves before their professor does. The information students learn in daily lectures is continually reinforced in SI sessions. SI helps students learn the material in a way that will stay with them long after their course is over.


Mission Statement of Taft College Supplemental Instruction

  • Vision
    Supplemental Instruction encourages all learners to achieve their learning goals through collaboration with Taft College students, instructors, and staff.
  • Mission
    Supplemental Instruction is committed to helping students become self-sufficient learners by modeling successful student behavior and providing support in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Values

    At Taft College, we value:

    • Student ownership of education
    • A collaborative approach to education
    • An environment conducive to learning, fairness, and continuous improvement
    • A communicative, collegiate, and respectful culture
    • Innovation, diversity, and creativity
    • Evidence of success
  • Goals

    Given our vision, mission, and values, our goals are to:

    • Promote educational self-sufficiency
    • Encourage effective communication between students and instructors
    • Provide a safe comfortable learning environment
    • Establish a student-centered educational community
    • Promote learning through diverse and creative methods