Financial Aid Resources

Explore our financial aid resources below including fee and disbursement schedules, refund options, and more to help you succeed at Taft College.

Financial Aid Forms

Download and complete important financial aid forms. See our forms.

Glossary of Terms

Read through a full glossary of common financial aid terms you should know. Explore the glossary.

Fee and Disbursement Schedule

The fee and disbursement schedule will help you determine when you will receive your financial aid award. See which dates apply to you.

Refund Options

Refunds from financial aid awards occur when your award amount is higher than what you owe. See what refund options are available.

Promise Program

Taft College can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs for textbooks and supplies. Learn about the Promise Program.

Food Aid

Students struggling to secure food can find assistance from support programs. See what food aid options you have.